Whether you have years of experience or if you are brand new to yoga, Amazing Yoga has a class to fit your practice. Amazing Yoga has been serving the Pittsburgh area for over 15 years and has been voted Best Yoga Teachers and Best Yoga Studios by the readers of the Pittsburgh City Paper 10 years in a row!

Set in a heated room, the dynamic classes focus on balanced movement that emphasizes strength and gentleness. Regardless of your age, level of flexibility or strength, Amazing Yoga has a class to meet and honor you where you are. Amazing Yoga is accessible to anyone with the right attitude. Amazing Yoga classes can help you: reduce stress, lose weight, relieve back pain, and increase focus.

Give yourself time to get acquainted with the yoga practice. Like any new pursuit in life, it will take a few classes to get familiar with the new poses you will be learning and the new muscles you will find. However, the more you come, the more natural the yoga practice will become. You will get stronger with every practice, physically and mentally.

The best way to begin this new adventure into health and wellness is with our New Student Special: 2 weeks of Unlimited Yoga for $25. Please note, this promotion is only valid for new local students or those who have a 6+ month absence from our studios.

Voted Best Yoga Teachers and Best Yoga Studios by the readers of the Pittsburgh City Magazine.


We offer 2 types of classes taught by highly experienced instructors who love what they do. They are committed, energetic, and highly motivated to give you a high-quality yoga experience that is potent, safe, and fun.

Taught at a slower pace, this is a beginner's power yoga class with particular emphasis on the foundational postures. Great for new and experienced students to grow their practice.

Standard 60-90 minute power yoga class suitable for all levels, taught with and without music.


You don't need to register or sign up online before taking a yoga class. If it's your first time, just show up 10-15 minutes early so we can help you sign in and purchase a drop-in or class package that'll work for you! However, if you're interested in a workshop, please register ahead of time online or at the studio to hold a spot.

Please consider the following when attending your first class:

  • BRING A YOGA MAT: ...If you have one, or we have mats to rent for $2.
  • BUY A YOGA MAT: We also sell a variety of mats at different prices, and we encourage all students to purchase their own for sanitary reasons.
  • CLOTHING: Wear comfortable clothing. Please note that we practice in a room that's heated to 90 degrees.
  • WATER: Bring a water bottle or you can purchase bottled water from us.
  • TOWEL: Please bring one — you will sweat!
  • EAT: Don't eat too much before you come to class. A piece of fruit or nourishing snack is a good idea about an hour before practice.
  • ARRIVAL TIME: Please arrive to class at least 15 minutes early. Feel free to introduce yourself to the instructor.
  • QUESTIONS: Ask questions and also share with the teacher any injuries that you feel they should know about.
  • BE PATIENT: Keep an open mind and be patient. Just like anything in life, it takes time to adapt to something new. Take a few classes to see if this is right for you.
  • ENJOY!: Know that after each class you will get stronger both physically and mentally. Enjoy the journey!


Still more questions? No problem! Contact us and we will lead you in the right direction.