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I first tried yoga when I was in college and took a few classes here and there but never really stuck with it. I was very into running at the time and focused mostly on training and running the Pittsburgh Half Marathon a few years in a row. After a few injures set me back I needed a new form of exercise that was less stressful on my body. Amazing Yoga Oakmont had just opened and a friend convinced me to try out the class and sign up for a month. It was like no other yoga class I had tried before and I was hooked. It was heated, fast paced and tough. I remember 15 minutes in wondering if I could make it through the full class. It challenged me physically, mentally and emotionally and was exactly what I needed.

Yoga has helped me with my chronic pain, anxiety and my overall health and has become part of my routine. It has been a total transformation of mind and body for me as I have become physically and mentally stronger. Its effects can be felt on and off the mat as it has helped me let go of things out of my control, taught me patience and helped me to be more present in life.

After a few years of practice I decided go through the Amazing Yoga teacher certification program so that I could help others feel the benefits of yoga. It was an awesome experience and I’m thankful to be able to share this practice with everyone!

By way of education, I have BS in Psychology from the University of Pittsburgh. When I’m not practicing yoga, I like to read, watch a documentary on pretty much anything and enjoy spending time with my friends, family and my cats.