I began practicing yoga in 2008 on a mat in my living room. It was actually an MTV yoga DVD (I ought to be honest from the beginning). A few years and many Sun A’s later I followed a petite brunette into an Amazing Yoga studio (it was Sarah) to take my first “real” class. That class cleared up many misconceptions I had of yoga and opened my eyes up to that completely physically exhausted yet mentally clear feeling you get after an AY class.

From then on, my typical workout of strength training and cardio evolved into a consistent yoga practice. Not only did the powerful Amazing Yoga classes help build strength and cardiovascular fitness but my body also felt good after I was done. This was quite a contrast to the years of bench presses and pavement pounding runs where my body was left aching.

After years of practicing, marrying that petite brunette, having two children and coming to greatly respect Sean and Karen Conley, Sarah and I decided to bring the Amazing Yoga community to Oakmont. Together, we hope to share the invigorating and powerful practice of yoga with the community we call home.

When I’m not practicing yoga, I am bringing health and wellness programs to companies. By education, I am an epidemiologist (long for nerd) and have a passion for preventing things like Type 2 diabetes. One day, I hope skiing, food and my family take up 100% of my time (yoga too).